7 common questions about registration plate check

When you buy a used vehicle, there are factors to consider. One such important tool you can use is the registration plate check. With this, a person would get to know the vehicle’s year of manufacture, date of registration, color, current tax rate, and much more. In this post, let us answer some of the common questions that users have.

What is the purpose of a car registration plate?

It is a piece of information that is attached to a vehicle on road. It gives a unique identity to each vehicle that shows that the vehicle is officially registered, and road legal. In case of an accident, or theft, the registered plates helps in tracking the vehicle.

What do the numbers on registration plate imply?

The first information you would get from a plate is the locality of the vehicle. To elaborate, with the number series of the vehicle, we would be able to identify the region and the local DVLA office where it was registered in. The information can be found by a car plate check.

A number plate, generally, is made of 3 parts. The first part is 2 letters, the second part is 2 numbers, and the third part is 3 letters. The first 2 letters refer to where it was registered, i.e., the first letter refers to the region, and the second letter refers to the local DVLA office. The second part is the age identifier, and those numbers change once every six months. The third part is the randomly chosen letters, and they provide the vehicle with its unique identity.

Why are there different colors on the registration plate?

The different colors present on the number plate are for the purpose of security. If there is going to be an unlikely event, like theft, or other similar bad events, the different colors on the plate help the police and ANPR cameras to track and seize. When it comes to the UK, the front number plates should be made of white colored reflective material containing the characters in black. Likewise, the back number plates should be made of yellow color containing the characters in black.

Do I own the number plate?

In actuality, you don’t own the number plate. You can either assign it to a vehicle or retain it for future use. The ownership of any plate, for that matter, remains with the government. If you want to know about the owner’s personally identifiable details, ask the DVLA.

What is a personalized number plate?

There are many types of number plates, we will talk about 2 of them to make it simple. One is the standard plate, and the other is the personalized plate. These plates are kept aside by the DVLA rather than sold as usual. At one point time in the year, the DVLA sells the plates in auctions and makes money from them. These plates are bought by individuals or by certain firms that sell registration numbers to individuals.

Can I buy a number plate as a gift?

Yes. You can buy a number plate as a gift for your loved ones. These plates are called personalized plates. They can be bought in advance, and gifted on their birthday or any other day that you intend to gift.

Registration plate check

Can I use any number on my registration plate?

No. You cannot use any random number or the number you wish on your registration plate. On the number that you choose, you should have an entitlement given by the authority. Only, if you are entitled to use the number (personalized plate) can you use it.

While buying a used car, you can check if the used car had any reg plate changes, through the car plate check.


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